Funding Your Studies

National and
State Funding Options

Government loans, courses covered and eligibility for funding can be complex, so let’s start with the basics.

A national loans program is available for certain Diploma programs as well as state subsidy programs for certain Diploma and Certificate programs, all of which have different eligibility criteria explained in further detail below.

Nso National Funding Options


A VET Student Loan (VSL) helps eligible students cover tuition fees for approved vocational education and training (VET) courses across all of Australia.
Find out more

Nso Queensland Funding Options


Queensland’s State Government has three programs at The French to subsidise tuition fees; The Certificate 3 Guarantee, Higher Level Skills, and VET In Schools. Find out more

Nso South Australia Fund Options


The South Australian State Government offers subsidised training programs based on your employment and training level. Check your eligibility today! Find out more


Vet Student Loans

Students must meet a number of citizenship, residency and academic entry requirements to be eligible for a VET Student Loan. They include: Citizenship:
  • an Australian citizen, or
  • a qualifying New Zealand citizen,  or 
  • a permanent humanitarian visa holder, who is usually resident in Australia.
  • provide an Australian Year 12 Certificate; OR
  • provide evidence of successful completion of an AQF Certificate IV or higher qualification (where the language of instruction is English); 
  • display competence at Exit Level 3 in the Australian Core Skills Framework in both reading and numeracy through an approved Language, Literacy and Numeracy test.
  • If under the age of 18 student (at first census date) they must complete 2 VSL Parental Consent forms, (unless the student is certified as independent, in which case evidence must be provided of independence) 
To check your eligibility use the VET Student Loans Eligibility Tool on the Australian Government MySkills website. This tool should be used as a guide only.  Students must also read this booklet before applying for VET Student Loans. VET Student Loans will not be approved for students who do not meet eligibility requirements. A VET student loan gives rise to a HELP debt that continues to be a debt to the Commonwealth until it is repaid.  If you have any questions about eligibility please call our friendly Student Advisors on 1300 250 111 or email 

VET Student Loans are available for diploma and above level qualifications. Courses that are approved for a VET Student Loan, and the cap on the loan amounts that students can borrow per course for their tuition fees, are set by the Australian Government. The Australian Government has approved The French Beauty Academy to deliver a number of courses which are eligible for VET Student Loan funding.

The VET Student Loans program offers greater protection for students and focuses on courses that address industry needs, creating better opportunities for employment. VET Student Loans offers income contingent loan support to eligible students studying certain diploma level and above vocational education and training qualifications. Eligible students are entitled for loans up to a capped amount.

Once you have provided the relevant documents to meet the eligibility and suitability requirements for VET Student Loans, you will be emailed a Confirmation of Enrolment. Two business days following the receipt of this email, The French will advise the Australian Government that you wish to apply for a VET Student Loan.

You will receive an auto-generated email from, providing login details and passkey on how to sign into the eCAF system so that you can submit a Request for a VET Student Loan eCAF. This is your formal application for a VET Student Loan.

Students must complete and submit these to the Government before or on their first census day. You can find your course census dates on our VET Student Loan Tuition Schedules here. If you do not submit your eCAF by the census day, you will be liable for the tuition fees payable for that fee period. If you withdraw your enrolment on or before the census day, you will not incur the tuition fees for that fee period. This applies to fees covered by the VET Student Loan and any gap or upfront fees paid for that fee period. No administration fee applies.

After the census day has passed and you have submitted your Commonwealth Assistance Form (eCAF), you will receive a Commonwealth Assistance Notice (CAN) that provides you with further information about your debt.

*If you are under 18 your Parental Consent forms are required before your eCAF is able to be issued.

Tuition fees are charged by unit of study and your course will have a minimum of 3 fee periods with payments spread proportionately across the duration of your course. If you withdraw after the first fee period payment, you will not be billed for the remaining 2. For more information refer to the Schedule of Tuition Fees.

On your orientation day you will receive a Statement of Covered Fees confirming the amounts of the course tuition fees that will, and will not, be covered under a VET Student Loan.

14 days prior to your census day you will receive a VET Student Loan Fee Notice that will show you the amount of tuition fees that will, and will not, be covered under a VET Student Loan for that particular fee period.

Your loan is repaid through the Australian tax system when you reach the minimum income threshold for repayment. The minimum income threshold for repayment is set by the Australian Government each year and is published on Study Assist.

Repayments continue until you have repaid your entire debt. It is important to note that your loan will remain a personal debt until it is repaid and it may reduce your take-home (after tax) wage and your borrowing capacity. You may wish to seek independent financial advice before applying. In addition, a 20% loan fee applies to VET Student Loans for full fee paying or fee for service students. The good news is you don’t have to pay the loan fee upfront, it will be added to your VET Student Loan. You have up until the census day of your course intake to apply for a VET Student Loan. If you do not apply by the census day, or have formally withdrawn, you will be liable for the tuition fees payable for that fee period.

View the VET Student Loans booklet here

View the student obligations fact sheet here

Diploma Fee Schedules

To view the full fee schedule for our government funded diploma courses, click here.


Certificate 3 Guarantee - Queensland

The Certificate 3 Guarantee provides eligible students with access to Government subsidy towards the course cost for certificate level courses. The Certificate 3 Guarantee program is an initiative funded by the Queensland Government to assist students achieve their first post school qualification, improve job outcomes and career progression.

Students must meet the following entry requirements to be eligible for this funding. 

Prospective students must: 

  • Be aged 15 years or older and no longer at school
  • Be a Queensland resident
  • Be an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident (includes humanitarian entrant), temporary resident with the necessary visa and work permits on the pathway to permanent residency, or a New Zealand citizen 
  • not hold a certificate III or higher-level qualification, not including qualifications completed at school and foundation skills training

*Employment status does not matter, eligible students may be jobseekers, or currently employed on a full-time, part-time or casual basis.

Eligible individuals must understand that this funding is for one Government subsidised Certificate III training course. For this reason, it is very important that prior to signing an enrolment form and committing to a course of study which will use up the entitlement, you take the time to consider the course you are choosing and to compare training options and costs.

If you have any questions about eligibility please call our friendly Student Advisors on 1300 250 111 or email For more information visit the Certificate 3 Guarantee Student Fact Sheet here and these handy FAQs here

To be eligible to receive the Certificate 3 Guarantee, students must not already hold, or be currently studying a certificate III or higher level qualification. This includes any equivalent certificate III or higher level training completed at university or through an apprenticeship or traineeship. It does not matter if you paid for this training or it was subsidised by the government.

However certificate III qualifications completed while at school and foundation skills courses are not counted and you may still be eligible for the Certificate 3 Guarantee.

While the Queensland Government provides a subsidy towards the qualification, individuals are expected to contribute to the cost of their training through a co-contribution fee detailed in the table below. The student co-contribution has a concessional and non-concessional rate.

SHB30321 Certificate III in Nail Technology $4500

Non-Concessional $1896 ($126.40/unit)
Concessional $1028 ($68.53/unit)

Under the Certificate 3 Guarantee, concessional participants are defined as follows:

  • the participant holds a health care concession card or pensioner concession card; or
  • the participant holds an official form under Commonwealth law confirming that the participant is entitled to concessions under a health care concession card or pensioner concession card; or
  • the participant is an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander person; or
  • the participant is applying for Boost Funding

View the Certificate 3 Guarantee Student Fact Sheet here

View the Certificate 3 Guarantee FAQs here

For more information please contact or phone 1300 250 111

Higher Level Skills - Queensland

The Higher Level Skills program provides a government subsidy in selected certificate IV or above qualifications and priority skill sets to help individuals gain the higher level skills required to secure employment or career advancement in a priority industry, or to transition to university.

Training is subsidised by the Queensland government and is paid to the RTO providing the training. There is a necessary co-contribution fee from the student for enrolment & training. It is important that you consider and compare your training options and ensure they align with your chosen career pathway. Once the Certificate IV & higher course has been completed, you will have used your only Higher Level Skills program subsidy entitlement.

Higher Skills isn’t a debt to be repaid but rather a subsidy from the QLD Government.

Students must meet the following entry requirements to be eligible for this funding. Prospective students must: 
  • Be a Queensland resident 
  • Be aged 15  years  or  over,  and  no longer  at  school 
  • Be an Australian or  New  Zealand citizen or  Australian permanent resident  (including  humanitarian entrants),  or  a  temporary  resident  an eligible visa subclass 
  • Not hold,  or  be enrolled in,  a  certificate IV  level  or  higher  qualification  (not including qualifications  completed at school  and  foundations  skills  training)
For more information on Eligibility Criteria check out the student fact sheet here. If you have any questions or need help establishing your eligibility please call our friendly Student Advisors on 1300 250 111 or email

Then you will not be eligible for Higher Level Skills.

The French Beauty Academy is approved to deliver the following qualification under the Higher Level skills program: SHB50121 Diploma of Beauty Therapy.

No,  you will need additional funding (such as VET Student Loan) to cover the full cost of our Dual Diploma course.

Yes. If you are eligible for Higher Level Skills, the Queensland Government will provide a subsidy towards your approved qualification. This will reduce the cost of the course (as outlined in the table in the next question below) and individuals will need to contribute to the cost of training through the listed co-contribution fee. 

You are able to apply to use VET Student Loans (VSL) to pay the co-contribution component. The government will pay a higher concessional subsidy to encourage and support participation by disadvantaged students.


QLD State Subsidy – Non-ConcessionalSHB50121
Diploma of Beauty Therapy
(with Subsidy)
Course Price$28,938$32,465
QLD State Subsidy – Non-Concessional$4,575$4,575
French Dual Diploma Bursary$1,373 
Student Co-Contribution Fee (Course Price)$22,990$27,890
Vet Student Loan$16,700$27,890
Student Out of Pocket$6,290$0



QLD State Subsidy – ConcessionalSHB50121
Diploma of Beauty Therapy
(with Subsidy)
Course Price$28,938$32,465
QLD State Subsidy – Concessional$5,948$5,948
French Dual Diploma Bursary  
Student Co-Contribution Fee (Course Price)$22,990$27,890
Vet Student Loan$16,700$26,517
Student Out of Pocket$6,290$0

A higher subsidy will be paid to support participation by disadvantaged learners (concessional students). Students who meet any of the following requirements below at the time of their enrolment are entitled to the concessional co-contribution fees of the course:

  • The student is an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander
  • The student holds a Health Care or Pensioner Concession Card issued under Commonwealth law, or is the partner or a dependant of a person who holds a Health Care or Pensioner Concession Card and is named on the card
  • The student has a disability
  • The student is an adult prisoner

Please note: Proof of eligibility for concession must be demonstrated prior to the commencement of training.

Once you have discussed eligibility and suitability requirements for the Higher Level Skills subsidy at your interview, you will fill out the Higher Level Skills Application form, attaching eligibility evidence documentation. Our Student Advisors are always happy to walk you through all the steps and even help file the paperwork for you to make the process as smooth as possible. 

Visit the Higher Level Skills website here

View information about the program here

View The French Beauty Academy’s Fees and Refund Policy here

For more information please contact or phone 1300 250 111 

Vocational Education & Training In Schools (VETis) - Queensland

Vocational Education and Training in Schools (VETiS) focuses on delivering qualifications to provide senior and secondary school students with the skills and knowledge required for employment and/or further study in specific industries.

VET qualifications can be undertaken in Years 10, 11 and 12 and may provide credit towards the Queensland Certificate of Education.

Successful completion of the VETiS course provides students with a nationally recognised qualification that delivers the skills and knowledge required for specific industries and occupations.

Benefits of participating in VET include (but are not limited to):

  • obtaining practical experience from work
  • gaining familiarity on how workplaces operate
  • developing employability skills
  • developing and improving interpersonal skills allowing students to explore the potential career path they would like to pursue

The French Beauty Academy offers the SHB20121 Certificate II Retail Cosmetics under the QLD VETiS program.

Eligible students studying a priority skill course such as SHB20121.

Certificate II in Retail Cosmetics  are able to access VETiS funding for the full Certificate II fee, which is funded by the Queensland Government’s VET Investment budget. For eligible students, this means there isn’t a debt to be repaid.  Further information around eligibility can be found here.

Ineligible students will be required to pay the full course fee.

If you are unable to use VETiS funding to cover the cost of your course there are a number of Private loans available – discover these in detail on our Private Funding page.

Visit the VETiS website  here.

View the VETiS fact sheet here


Subsidised Training - South Australia

Students must meet the following entry requirements to be eligible for subsidised funding by the South Australian Government. You may be eligible for subsidised training if you live or work in South Australia, and you are:

  • an Australian or New Zealand citizen
  • a permanent Australian resident, or
  • an eligible visa holder 
  • and are:
  • Not currently employed, or
  • Aged between 17 and 24 years and not enrolled in school, or
  • Hold a Health Care, Pensioner or Veteran Affairs concession card

For more information use the Eligibility Criteria checker here

Note – ​​The eligibility checker tool is an indication only and does not confirm your eligibility status. Eligibility verification will take place during the enrolment process and may include participation in a Language, Literacy and Numeracy pre-assessment. Concessions apply to Subsidised Training only.

If you have any questions or need help establishing your eligibility please call our friendly Student Advisors on 1300 250 111
or email 

For eligible students, the South Australian Government will subsidise the CUA51020 Diploma of Screen and Media (Specialist Makeup Services) offered in our Dual Diploma qualification.

The Subsidised Training portion of the training fee isn’t a debt to be repaid, but rather a subsidy from the South Australian Government.

No,  you will need additional funding (such as VET Student Loan) to cover the full cost of our Dual Diploma course.

 CUA51020 Diploma of Screen and MediaSHB50121 Diploma of Beauty TherapyDual Diploma Qualification (with Diploma of Screen & Media State Subsidy)Dual Diploma Qualification (with Diploma of Screen & Media State Subsidy)
Course Price$24,990$24,990$40,364$40,364
State Subsidy$8,374 $8,374$8,374
Concessional subsidy$3,180  $3,180
Student Co-Contribution Fee    
Maximum Vet Student Loan$16,221$16,221$31,990$28,810
Student Out of Pocket$395$8,769$0$0

Visit the South Australian Skills website here.

JobTrainer is a joint partnership between the Commonwealth and State Government to support low-cost training for more South Australians. It represents a significant investment into training delivery in South Australia that complements existing efforts under Skilling South Australia and partnerships with providers, employers and industry.

JobTrainer provides the opportunity to respond to growing demand, deliver high quality training and provide more choice for school leavers, young people and jobseekers.

The French Beauty Academy has a Funded Activities Agreement (FAA) with the Department for Innovation and Skills, with approval to deliver accredited training that is published on the Subsidised Training List.

This will be explained in detail at your interview where we will help you process the application. 

  • Participant Agreement form
    The Participant Agreement form must be completed and signed by participants before they can engage in a project. This form is used to obtain a participant’s details and permission for the collection and use of their personal information by the Department (South Australian Government).

  • Upfront Assessment of Need
    The Upfront Assessment of Need (UAN) is a pre-enrolment process. Before an individual can be enrolled into any accredited training subsidised by the Department, the Registered Training Organisation (RTO) must conduct the UAN.

If you have any questions or need help establishing your eligibility please call our friendly Student Advisors on 1300 250 111
or email

Discover our other funding options

If you or your course of interest are not eligible for government funding, there are a number of private financing options to explore.


We’re here to help. Get personalised advice from our friendly Student Advisors via phone, Live Chat or email.


Take a look at our FAQs page for more questions and answers about how to apply, enrolment documentation requirements and much more

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